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Available: Year Round, Limited Availability
Alcohol by Volume: 5%
Color: Golden
Bitterness: 20 IBUs
Malts: Weyerman, Global, Best, Bohmeian Pils
Hops: Cluster, Mt Hood, Perle
Pairs with: Brick oven pizza, fresh fish and sautéed shrimp
Available in: 12oz., 1/6bbl kegs, 1/2bbl kegs

Our Pilsner is balanced, complex and refreshing all at the same time. We use traditional Bohemian and Bavarian malts and add European Noble hops for a slightly spicy aroma. This brilliant, golden colored beer is full of malt flavor with a medium body and soft bitterness that won’t linger. The result is a beer that brings the flavors of the finest Old World Pilsners to the New World.

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