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An obscenely extended dry-hopped ale

Now Available Year Round: Available in 4-Packs of 12 oz bottles, 22oz bottles, 5.2 gal. draught cylinders and 15.5 gal draught kegs
Alcohol by Volume: 9.2%
Color: Fiery Orange
Bitterness: 144 IBUs
Malts: 2 Row, Vienna, Munich, Caramel 40
Food Pairing: Fresh fish tacos and atomic buffalo wings
Hops: Chinook, Cascade, Warrior, Columbus, Mt. Hood, and Centennial

You can pray to the Hop Gods all you want… You’ll never find another IPA like this one.

Hopageddon is an end-of-the-world Imperial IPA with an intensely aromatic hop profile that defies expectations and will leave you wondering, “What just happened?”

At 144 IBUs, Hopageddon glows with a gorgeous fiery orange color and showcases a distinct, full white head. The unique flavors from our obscenely extended dry-hopping and shockwave of bitterness lingers on the palate and leaves hopheads with a Post-ahopalyptic yearning for more.

Can you survive the Hopageddon?

88 Point Rating – Livets Goda Magazine, Sweden
“Best Buy” - Allt om vin Magazine, Sweden

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